An Ode To The Fashion of ‘Sister Sister’

With the advent of Disney+ and addition of numerous 90’s/2000’s favorites to Netflix, many millennials are taking a walk down memory lane rewatching their old favs. Deep in my nostalgic revery of re-watching ‘Sister Sister,’ something caught my attention: the fashion! Every year it seems that ’90s and ’00s trends are always included in the season’s style forecasts. Sure, while only my middle school self could be over-the-moon to wear a single-shirt-that-looks-like-two-shirts, tights-under-denim-shorts topped off with butterfly clips and/or a bucket hat look, there are non-cringe worthy elements of fashion from that era that can (and should!) be carried into modern wardrobes.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite looks from the show that should not be slept on with some modern shoppable counterparts that I am absolutely coveting below from all of the main characters. Call me crazy, but some of Roger’s looks are perfect Fall style inspo. So, here’s to the bold pattern mixing, loud plaids, baggy denim and matching sets of the ’90s and ’00s that graced our TV screens over 20 years ago. Oh, and if you haven’t given it a re-watch yet, go binge ‘Sister Sister’ on Netflix or Disney+ ASAP.

Tia’s Yellow Plaid Preppy Moment (S3.E11)

Veronica Beard Jin Dickey Coat HERE | Rebecca Vallance Chateau Checked Blazer HERE | Rebecca Vallance Chateau High Rise Checked Pants HERE

Ray’s Sweater Vest Game (S2.E9)

Ganni Cashmere Knit Vest HERE | Alessandra Rich Floral Embroidered Sweater Vest HERE

Lisa’s Autumnal Florals (S5.E19)

L’Agence Cameron Shirt Dress HERE | Simone Rocha Floral Embroidered Tulle Dress HERE | Y’s Flower Print Cropped Trousers HERE

Tamera’s Patent Leather Look (S6.E15)

P.A.R.O.S.H. Textured Style Buttoned Coat HERE | LVIR Belted Faux Leather Jacket HERE

Go Home, Roger! But Leave Your Oversized Outerwear (S3.E13)

Blaze Milano Corduroy Blazer HERE | By Walid Tanita Printed Coat HERE

What are some of your favorite looks from ‘Sister Sister?’

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