Hygge Home, Happy Home

Hygge, the Scandinavian concept of finding comfort in coziness, especially in the home first came into the American ethos a few years ago. Fast forward to present day, 2020 where the home has become more important than ever before. Our homes have become offices, classrooms and even the backdrops to virtual happy hours. In the […]

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A Very Wes Anderson Valentine’s Day

When you think of Valentine’s Day, what comes to mind? For me this year, it is Wes Anderson. Yes, that’s right, dear reader, I’ve decided that there is no reason why my Valentine’s Day cannot be centered around the quintessentially quirky Anderson aesthetic. As much as I love The Notebook (and, trust me, I do love The Notebook), there […]

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Self Love Sunday

It’s Sunday, which means with each minute that passes by we are approaching another week of work and the potential stresses that comes with it. A few weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of being mindful. Now I want to take that a step further and talk about the importance of something that is […]

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Sailing Away From Summer

Hi all! As Saturday slowly slips away, so does summer. It’s so hard to believe it’s August! But as many of my younger friends head back to college, the reality of adulthood is sinking in more and more. Fall is fast-approaching, but luckily the warm weather is hanging around a bit longer, so it’s important […]

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West Village Weekend

Happy Sunday, readers! Long time, no blog, but I am back! Things have been pretty busy with starting my job and settling into city life, but this weekend was the perfect time for me to slow down, relax, and enjoy New York. Yesterday I spent the day roaming around one of my favorite areas in […]

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